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RE: spawning?

You wanted to hear about Parental Instinct in fish that were "pulled" as
eggs from their parents.   Well here goes.   My #1 breeder pair of
Cacatuoides Double Reds are still living very well with 6 month old fry
in their tank and haven't caused deaths or harm to any offspring. Any
this is the batch were I got close to 90% males.    So Poppa just loves
his children, were as his poppa ( who incidently was the fish that just
loved to eat eggs) didn't allow any fry in his tank.    Natural Instinct
isn't something that you are I as Aquarist are going to change in one or
two generations of captively bred fish that Mother Nature imprinted in
the genes of our fish for millions of years.    So how's that for
Parental Instinct.    Mr Data plot a course for starbase 12986 and


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