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Re: spawning?

Hi John 

You definitely have a point in that we can't change in 50 years what
Mother N has taken 1000+ to imprint. But, you can't take just two
fish and draw conclusions from that either. I do think that capt.
bred fish, esp. those that are raised artificially, get worse at 
raising their fry in general. I've had both wildcaught and captive 
bred pairs of the same species and the wildcaught are almost always 
easier to breed. It may not be because of parental instinct but 
something does happen from wildcaught and 20 generations on.

You always have variation, some are better at brood care than others
and in nature the better breeders will survive. With our articifial
methods we side-step that and give all genes a future, thus the 
not-so-good breeders survive as well. 


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