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RE: spawning?

After many generations of line breeding my Double Red Cacatuoide strain,
I did get a few males that popped up with a stunted caudal peduncle.   I
brought in new blood to that line and now have nicer looking fish and
stronger gene pool.   I took the male from my pair crossed it with a new
female and took the female from my pair and crossed it with my new male.
Gave me two really nice totally unrelated pairs for spawning.   You
really need to add new blood every few generations to keep these
deformities from happening.   The males grew to nice ripe old age in a
community tank.  Had great colors and were healthy fish just a bit
deformed.   LIved around 3 years before going on to fish heaven.   

Hey no Star Trek references, must be slipping or just the Logical thing
to do


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