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Re: spawning?

Helen........I think I did say that!  Well here goes!  It's not really very
complicated and NONE of it is my idea.  I was fortunate enough to have been
tutored by Vinny Kutty, formerly of Tampa Fl. but now he deserted us for
L.A., of Pike Cichlid fame and whose photo's are always in "Aquarium Fish"
magazine. Like a lot of hobbies sometimes money has something to do with
making us good...;-)...at least me anyway!

I have a Nikon N-70 camera, with a Nikon 105mm Micro lens, with a flash on
top of the camera and a "slave" 2nd flash that is separate from the camera.
The slave works as follows:  there is a small sensor on top of the slave
flash that detects a flash...when it does it sets of it's flash...so in
effect I always have 2 flashes going off on the fish.  I'll skip all of the
obvious...clean the glass, filter the water, no "old yellowish" water, and
try like the dickens to have plants or logs or what not to use as a

Usually I set the "slave" flash on some books above the tank 8" or so
pointed down to the middle of the front portion of the tank...no problem
with "backflash" with this flash.  The other flash is on the camera and you
simply have to be aware of the angle with the glass you are working
with....to avoid the "backflash".  The second flash makes a SIGNIFICANT
difference when photographing fish!  I haven't yet made the "photographic
tanks" people talk about........I just sit and out wait the fish.  It will
not be unusual for me to sit for 1 1/2 -2 hours for only 24 shots.

Helen..........that Nikon 105 mm Micro lens would make a hero of
anyone....but it is not the correct lens for parties etc., you will have to
get another lens.......say a 25-85 mm lens for "regular" picture taking.  I
have used Fuji film for 99% of all of my slides.  90% of those are Fuji
Sensia II  100 speed slides........however for blowing up BIG time I used
Fuji Velva 50 speed.

With 2 flashes I am usually at f22...that gives me a reasonable depth of
field...sometimes f16.  When using 1 flash ... very rarely...I am at f8 or

But most of all.........have patients in front of the tank. Get comfortable
and enjoy the fish.  They will get used to you being there!!

For more technical reading ....but easy reading on fish photo taking go to
Vinny's web page.  Enjoy his photo's...be wowed at them and then go to the
place on his site that tells you HOW...Vinny's got a great site.  For those
of you who haven't been there for a while, it's worth another visit.  Vinny
has re-done the entire site. It is exciting!  If you have a couple of hours
and want some good fish and related reading go:


Every one have a great day...I have 10-15 more slide of new
apisto's.....when I get off my proverbial butt I'll get them scanned and up
on my page!  Have fun!!!


Mike Jacobs
Center for Advanced Technologies
Lakewood H.S.
St Pete, Fl  33705

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> By the way Mike did you not mention a while ago you would give us some
> on how you photograph your fish?
> Cheers,
> Helen

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