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Re: spawning?

--- Mike Jacobs <mjacobs2@tampabay.rr.com> wrote:

"OK Flame away, tell me again I am wrong.

I'm sorry I got so wound up, but these types of
conversations should be
to happen without fear of someone telling someone else
they are
tend to stifle a conversation"

Mike here we go again. "Altough I respect your opinion
Mike, I disagree ..." Thats what I wrote. I never told
you, you were wrong I simply disagreed. Lets keep our
personal feelings off the list Mike and please lets
settle any disagrements we may have off list. It was
not my intention to flame you but to state my
diffrence of opinion. I attemted to make everey effort
to do it in a profesional manner. . In the future
please contact me off list and lets not get the poor
people on the list involved with our petty diffrences.

David Sanchez
Casselberry, FL
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