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Re: spawning?

I beleive Ed has summed things up very nicely. In my
opinion, the environmental factor ( ie: water quality,
hiding places security) is the limiting factor for
success. The fact is many of us do not experience the
"egg eating" stigma. I beleive finding research such
as this will go along way to advancing our
understanding of what is realy going on. I can say
this I have female T.candidi, Dicrosus filamentosus
and other notoriously so called "bad parents" raise
their young all the time and some of you out there
that have been to my fish room have seen swarms of fry
being led by their momma. In my experience I simply
don't see egg eating as a problem. I have come to an
understanding of the dynamics of their environment and
the crucial factors to keep in mind. There are many of
us out there as well. Many of which are quite
passionate about our opinion. In our search for
knowledge and the truth we need to keep this in mind.
Why do some people have success over and over again? I
beleive that though we do not have any scientific
facts to back it up, logic dictates that we come to a
conclusion based on available evidence. Personaly I
chuckle because we often want to blame the fish for
our lack of success and not point the finger at
can't we all just get along :)

David Sanchez
Casselberry, FL
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