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Fwd: Sammy


What's up David, Yes I have noticed the silliness of some of the people on 
the apisto list but not to worry it's not all a complete turn off. There are 
actually some interesting topics discussed from time to time and I must say 
that there are things I have learned from some of the other hobbyist.
Some of the people have answered my questions with true professional 
responses and not smart ass answers. I see that some people here like to 
degrade others for not knowing as much as they do. I thought that the reason 
to an apisto list was to help one another resolve problems they might have 
keeping and breeding these little gems. Not for bickering back and fourth 
(that I must say is pretty sad). By the way thanks for the Viejita II,  I 
must say they are by far some of the best I've ever seen. These little guy's 
look even better than the PICS on the aqualog. Can't wait till they start 
Talk to you soon buddy..............Sammy