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Re: spawning?

Dr. Kadar touches the point, in my opinion.
I maintain a pond (2000 gal, 10-25 inches deep, heavily planted) with
nigrofasciatus, rams, black and serpae tetras, corys, and guppies.
They all live and breed well in the pond. In summer days I spend hours
observing the rams caring their nests and fry. The same with the nigros
late summer/autum.
The female ram guard the fry while the male is ever a little apart from
family, attacking any other fish that approaches (even the much bigger
With both cichlids, only the dominants pairs will ever attempt to breed,
others can guard a small space as their territory but if this isn't
enough, will seem satisfyied with it.
In relation to predation, it seem that bird predation (bem-te-vi,
sulphuratus) is more a trait to the rams than the nigros. These appeared
get enough from the guppies and insects that fall in the water.
Zeco (Brazil)

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