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RE: Food (was Re: )

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> From: Fredrik.Ljungberg@saab.se [mailto:Fredrik.Ljungberg@saab.se]
> Sent: den 12 augusti 1999 14:00
> Subject: Food (was Re: )

> I will
> try the marine flakes since someone said Apists do take those
> (can anyone confirm?) but they're hard to find here in Sweden.
> Fredrik L.

Hi Fredrik,

I have successfully used OSI Marine flakes in the past but my LFS (Akvarielagret) does not carry them anymore. They tell me that marine aquarists use spirulina an brine shrimp flakes and that the regular marine flakes does not sell anymore. I have tried brine shrimp flakes for a couple of weeks and they seem to be accepted by the fish.

I have a male cacatuoides who really goes for the flakes on the surface. Although I have been feeding a lot of flake food to my apistos I have never seen this before. His clumsy lunges with his big mouth at the surface makes a very amusing sight.

For my home made fish food #1 I chop up frozen earthworms. They are free and I have yet to find anything that gives similar growth.

Fredrik N.

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