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Trading list

Okay.  The response is fairly overwhelming.  It's up and running, or at least 
it is supposed to be.
In order to keep it a buy/sell list and not a discussion list, responses will 
be sent to the author, rather than the list.

You should (operative word - _should_), be able to join the list by sending a 
message to <subscribe-cichlidtrader@listbot.com>  I think you need to have 
subscribe as both the subject and the body text.  Someone try it and let me 
know.  You will get a message requiring a confirmation response.  If you 
don't get one, let me know off-list, and I'll work on solving it all.

After that, you write to < cichlidtrader@listbot.com > to post what you have 
or are looking for.

Once we have a confirmation that it is working, spread the word. :-)

Bob Dixon

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