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Re: German books WAS: spawning?

Mike Wise:
>I'd bet that it won't be out until the Spring of 2000. BTW, Uwe told me
that the
>German 1st edition is now sold out and that he will have a 2nd revised
>edition out about the same time as the English edition.

Dang! That's impressive!  How many issues/units were in the first edition?
Is there a lot of revising to do and how much new info do you think the new
edition will contain?  Mike Schadle was supposed to get a box of the first
edition for the Detroit convention but the shipment was late by a day or
two.  I guess there is not a very big demand for cichlid books on this side
of the Atlantic...I asked Wayne Leibel which edition his Tetra Fishkeepers
Guide book is at and he laughed SO hard!

>Linke & Staeck's
>6th revised edition (in German only) has been completely revamped from what
>English edition (= German 4th rev. ed.) is, with several new species and
>up-to-date information.

Is it available anywhere?


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