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RE: Floor load capacities

Title: RE: Floor load capacities

...uh, like I said I was tired when I wrote that message - the final number should actually be 1704 p.s.f. because 21 sq. in. = 0.146 sq. ft.

        So it's even worse. If you have a wood floor, don't support your stands with thin legs; use a plywood or 2x4 'sill plate' to distribute the load.


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.... if you've got a stand with 4 legs and they are 2x4's going straight
to the floor, you've got 4*(1.5)*(3.5) = 21 sq. in. of area. Divide that
into 250+ lbs (just a single 25gal tank) and you've got 142 p.s.f. at each
foot. Something to think about.