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Re: Bags

John writes:

> The ones I use are a 1.5 mil sometimes 2.0 mil bag.  Depends on size.
>  My 4x14, 6x16 are 1.5 mil, my 8x20 or 10x20 bags are 2.0mil.   My really
>  large bags 16x36 are a 2.5 mil.   I also use a really nice size bag to
>  ship my apistos in.  I get the 5x20 bags through the NAFBG.  These are a
>  2.0 mil bag and 2 bags fit nicely into a 8x20.   Enough water and lots
>  of air for shipping or going to auctions with.   I really like these
>  bags.    Cost me $5 per 100.   

At http://www.bagsonthenet.com you can get 5x20x2.0 mil for $26.90 per 
thousand.  Thats a little better than a 40% savings before shipping costs.  I 
suspect that 2.0 mil bags don't breath as well as 1.5 mil.  Is there a reason 
for going all the way to 2.5 mils?  Do the fish survive as long in these 
heavier bags?  Doesn't it increase shipping costs?  Has anyone tried 1.0 mil?


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