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fin rot

Title: fin rot

"Barry, Don" <DBarry@demattia.com>
Subject: fin rot

I have a problem in my 50 gallon tank that I just can't seem to lick and I'm
desperate for a little wisdom from the list.  Over the course of the last
few months I have searched my library and various internet resources for a
good cure for fin rot.  I have tried malachite green, antibiotics, formalin
and more frequent water changes to no avail.  I(..)
  The substrate is a loam/vermiculite mixture whose
recipe I found on the web somewhere, topped with 1-1/2" gravel.
Any thoughts regarding cause and cure of this persistent annoyance?  It
looks like fin rot to me, although there is no white stuff on them anywhere.
The caudal fin is gone right down to the nub.  In other cases, strong
healthy fish have just slowly wasted away (get thin, lose their fins and lie
around on the bottom or on a plant).>>>>>

In addition to the good suggestions made by others about water
quality and aggression, consider that sometimes velvet may cause
gradual weight loss and fin deterioration without the typical
white spots. just in case, I would raise the temperature to 93 deg.
F for a week, which will take care of this parasite if present.
Vermiculite is unlikely to be related to the problem.

Dionigi Maladorno