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Re: fin rot

I would tend to agree with Michael on this - check your tap water.  Three
years ago in my fish house I had a similar problem with one species only,
Satanoperca pappaterra.  After a water change the dorsal fin would be left
with only the spines.  The local authority was obviously adding something
'extra' into the water system.  I bought a  'Purity on Tap MM80' unit which
removes all the nasties from the tap water.  Since the day this unit was
installed the Pappaterra never had this recurring problem.

Barry wrote:

>>Any thoughts regarding cause and cure of this persistent annoyance?  It
>looks like fin rot to me, although there is no white stuff on them
>The caudal fin is gone right down to the nub.  In other cases, strong
>healthy fish have just slowly wasted away (get thin, lose their fins and
>around on the bottom or on a plant).  Please, someone help me.  I'd really
>like to keep fish, not kill them, if you know what I mean.
Michael Grey wrote:     >>Your water
probably is treated with chloramine, a heavy form of ammonium and chlorine,
and your current water treatment may not be neutralizing the chloramine.
Check ammonia levels in your tap and tank.  <<

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