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Re: fin rot

My MM80 unit is a tap water purifier.  My unit cost 180 (approx) and I
replace all three pods annually (70).  This particular model purifies 8000
imperial gallons.  To merit such an outlay depends on how many aquariums to
have to maintain.  There is a very much cheaper purifier you could consider,
single cartridge, filters 38 litres per hour.  You then have to add pH
adjuster and Electro-Right.  Over here in the UK it costs 40 + 6 for the
bottles of adjusters.  All you require is a large water container.  Also a
good memory as it is very easy to forget you have put it on as it takes
approximately 1 hour to acquire 10 imperial gallons!  If you have say 6
tanks this is an economical unit.  I am sure there are similar units
available in the USA / Canada and will be a lot cheaper than the prices we
pay here.
From: Barry, Don <DBarry@demattia.com>
> I'm curious to know whether the 'Purity on Tap MM80' is an
>affordable tap water purifier or one of the big bucks RO units.  Is it
>possible to find something worth getting for under $100?

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