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More interesting behavior

I think that is the behavior that attracts us to these
fish.  Last night I was feeding my remaining A. cruzi
fry.  I noticed a yellow female come flying out of an 
upside down flower pot to grab some food and then go 
flying back to the pot.  I watched for a while and she
basically spends all of her time in the pot with her
head sticking out.  Then I noticed that there is a
male who chases all of the other A. cruzi away from
that third of the tank (a heavily planted 20 gallon). 
I think those buggers have spawned.  They are only 4
and a half months old.  They are in the tank with a
dozen of their siblings.  I am going to try to take
some to the LFS tonight. 

I also bought a pair of P.t. 'Moliwe' yesterday.  I
put them in 45 gallon tank with 3 Rasbora maculata, a
cardinal tetra, and my old male A. cruzi.  The weird
thing is that P. t. 'Moliwe' and the A. cruzi are
inseperable.  The three of them swim everywhere
together.  I think it is mostly the P.t. 'Moliwe'
following the A cruzi around the tank but I have
noticed the A. cruzi following the P.t. too.  I am
keeping a close eye on them because is suspect it may
be that the P.t. are following the A. cruzi because
they don't like him in 'their' territory.  I have not
seen any aggression though.  I had expected the P.t.
claim a territory and the A. cruzi to claim a
territory and then not have much to do with each
other.  They are all about the same size.  

I need more tanks...


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