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Re: Aggressive males (was fin rot)

Mike, oddly enough I've found the same to be true with my cacatoides.  I've
got one that I call my ol' southern gent.  He's a grizzly ol' coot with
googly eyes and a huge mouth, but he's got his ways.  Never makes any
bigtime showing off, no tail-flapping, no aggression, just gently follows
the ladies around a bit, and gets the message.  If they are not ready to
spawn, he backs off, if they are, well.....let the spawning begin.  Nice to
see a fish who understands that "no means no".

G. Kadar

>If he is strong and healthy, I would wait 6 months. Really, my best
breeding males
>were 3" (9 cm) long, a bit bowed in the back, and not very active.

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