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Re: San Jose

i'm happy to recommend to anyone headed to san francisco, the fish store
called 'Ocean Aquarium', proprietor's name is Justin Hau. He's got the best
supply of apisto's i've seen in san francisco, and he gets his fish from
David Soares, in addition to breeding them in-store.
    the address is 120 Cedar Street, it's almost an alley really, between
Van Ness and Polk, one block north of Geary. You have to be traveling North
on Van Ness to get to Cedar.
    He's open every day until 7pm I think.


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From: Randy & Deb Carey <carey@spacestar.net>
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Date: Sunday, September 05, 1999 5:14 AM
Subject: San Jose

>I expect to be at a conference in San Jose Oct 16-21 (Sat-Thur) and
>possibly into the following weekend.
>Is there any fish-related thing going on around that time?  (I seem to
>recall that the San Jose and San Fran club meetings are around the first
>of the month.)
>If anyone has any stores to recommend (off-line is fine), I'd be happy
>to read them.

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