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Ram spawn Wahoo!

Hey Everyone,
My wild rams have spawned. I thought I had two females. I was quite
surprised to see fry swimming around yesterday morning. I did not even
know they laid eggs.
 I've only had them for a few weeks, and judging by their size, I
guessed they were pretty young, they are only an inch long, but they act
like they've done this before. They are chasing away anyone who comes
near, and displaying good parenting skills so far.
The only thing I'm worried about is they are in a 30 gallon tank with 
one smaller Ram, 4 Apisto "Rio Mamore's" (2m, 2f, 1m is a juvenile) and
six green fire tetras, and a few ottos. The tetras keep venturing
towards the fry, though the apistos seem to keep their distance.The rams
have been keeping them away so far, but I'm worried they may feel
threatened and eat the fry, or the others might get them.
Before the spawn, I was planning on moving the rams into their own 20g
that I set up last week, with a 3 corys and a 4 hachets in it.
Would it be better to move them now or get a tank divider and wait a
while, or just leave everything alone. I'm also wondering how long it is
safe to leave the fry with the parents. 
Any help would be appreciated, This is my first South American spawn and
I'd really like to see them make it .
Jay Cohen

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