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Re: Ram spawn Wahoo!

> My wild rams have spawned. I thought I had two females. I was quite<
Are you referring to Ramirezi or Altispinosa?  I'm just cuious.

> The only thing I'm worried about is they are in a 30 gallon tank with
The first thing I would advice you to do is place a low wattge night light
above the tank.  This will enable the parents to care and protect the fry
during the night.  This is the best chance they have in your community

> Before the spawn, I was planning on moving the rams into their own 20g
> that I set up last week, with a 3 corys and a 4 hachets in it.
What I would do if I were you is to leave things as they are at the moment.
You know you have a successful breeding pair.  If the fry are predated upon
you could then move the pair to your "species" 20 gall tank but do not house
Corydoras with them as they will eat any fry given a chance.

> Jay Cohen

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