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Re: Peat and Substrate for growout tanks

Andrew writes:

> while we're tossing around ideas, how about this - if you don't want to use
>  gravel or sand (for ease of cleaning perhaps), maybe throw in a few 'bio-
>  balls' or floating plants, to help with surface area for the bacteria? that
>  way when you change out or clean your sponges, it'll buffer the effects of
>  bacteria loss. another idea is to use two sponges, or one cut in half, that
>  you clean one at a time.

I have found that when using sponges, I can simply rinse it and squeeze it a 
few times under running water about 70-80F, and put it back in.  I don't 
loose enough bacteria to matter, and the sponge is ready to go again.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator

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