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Finally got my Blue Rams!

After waiting at least 6 weeks, my LFS finally got my Rams in on Thursday.
Of course, when the LFS called me at work, I had to claim a family emergency
to pick them up and bring them home. ;)

I had ordered five, but the distributor had put six in the bag. As I had
asked to be able to pick them up as soon as they received them to avoid the
double stress of being acclimated to the LFS water and then mine, I didn't
have the heart to leave the sixth one behind.

I tested their water for PH and Ammonia as soon as I opened the bag and the
ammonia was barely readable, but so was the PH. My test kit at the time only
read down to 6.0, (got a new one since then), but it took me 45min. to bring
the water in the bag to my water PH level of 6.2. I would say that their
water must have been at 5.0 or lower. I still believe I acclimated them too
quickly, but the thought of needing to get back to work was pretty tough to

Only one of them is showing any signs of stress, i.e. swollen, red gills w/
hard breathing, but he? seems to be doing better now. They're beginning to
come out of hiding as long as I'm not too close to the tank, and are all
eating flake food. I'm also dosing them with medicated flake food twice
daily just to be on the safe side.

After seeing these little beauties, I don't know why anyone would want the
gold Rams. The gold ones I mistakenly got at a bad LFS had no where near the
color that these guys have. Of course, the ones I had gotten at that LFS may
not have been good representation for the color variation.

Sorry if this has been a bit long, but I'm just so excited!


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