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Oscar sick (non-dwarf)

<zeco@bbci.com.br> wrote:
Subject: Oscar sick

My albino oscar developed a swell on the side abdomen. The swell is
about1.5" in diameter and 0.25" high. It appeared laste tuesday (7,
september). On saturday the fish appeared to be dying, but today he started
to eat again. He is about 6 years old.>>>>>>>>>

Localized swellings may be due to a variety of reasons, particularly
bacterial or parasitic infections, or cancer. Often they can not be
treated at the hobbyist level. You can try with an antibacterial
such as tetracycline or doxycycline, for a week at full doses, just
in case susceptible bacteria are involved. It is like a shot in the
dark, though. Good water quality is often the only supportive measure
that can be provided.

Dionigi Maladorno
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