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Re: Could Danios be guilty ?

Adam writes:

> I'm into a second cycle of swaning with a new pair of Kribs and I'm becoming
>  distinctly concerned that my original disappearing fry may well have
>  disappeared inside my Danios.

Danios are too fast to make good dithers.  The Apistos have to be able to 
keep up if they are going to protect the babies.  Rasboras and barbs are 

I'm beginning to wonder if killies are such a great choice.  I discovered a 
spawn of Aggie eggs in a community tank yesterday after I saw a female 
tangling with a male gardneri "nigerianus".  They were at it like two bettas. 
 Generally the gardneri will stay to the top regions of the tank (a good 
thing about hatchets as dithers), but these two were about six inches from 
the eggs and only a fraction of an inch above the gravel.

I pulled the eggs and it all calmed down.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator

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