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Re: Could Danios be guilty ?

IDMiamiBob@aol.com wrote:

> I'm beginning to wonder if killies are such a great choice.  I discovered a
> spawn of Aggie eggs in a community tank yesterday after I saw a female
> tangling with a male gardneri "nigerianus".  They were at it like two bettas.
>  Generally the gardneri will stay to the top regions of the tank 

As a killie and apisto guy, I keep the two together a lot. Gardneri are
not a species I'd have in a dither role. Big old males love apisto
territories, and will hammer smaller male agas who try to steal their
terrain. They're also very efficient, stealthy hunters.
Small Epiplatys, and Chromaphyosemion are lovely surface fish for an
apisto tank. Fundulopanchax and most Aphyosemions aren't good
candidates. South American annuals often have very clear ideas of how to
get a cichlid feast. 

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