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Re: pulling eggs

Pulling eggs???  Are we actually discussing how one artificlally raises
fry.  Wow, I still have singe marks from this topic from way back when.    

Enough of the sarcasm, I just take the flower pot and put it into a 1
gallon or 2 gallon tank with 50% water from the parent tank and 50%
fresh dechlorinated water.   I don't use any fungus medications nor do I
use any air until the fry have hatched and have almost absorbed their
yolk sac.   I get good results doing it this way, not as good as letting
momma do all the work, but if she has an affinity for eggs, well this
method works.   Once the fry are up and free swimming and their yolk sac
is completely absorbed I start adding microworms for a day and then
start with bbs after that.   Because my room is heated and don't use
heaters in the tanks I don't worry about water temperature.   If you can
place them in an area where the temp is right around 75F.   You should
get fairly even sex ratios from this temp once the fry start growing up.
Good luck Don.   Fun doing this isn't it? 


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