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Re: fish husbandry, dithers and predators and explantation.

Why don't you prepare your other tank and transfer the PAIR of moliwe into
that.  It seems a terrible shame to remove the female and spawn / fry from
the male for the sake of keeping cardinals in the tank.
> 3/ I was imagining  a solution for the next hatch, without taking the
> cardinalis of the tank. I read that (i think it had been done with some
> apistos) it was possible to explantate (i mean the "t") mother and very
> young fry in another tank, catching all of them in their spawning cave.
> As i have coconuts with a lone 2cm diameter hole for caves, i was
> thinking it might be possible to take the coconut with female guarding
> inside and young fry or old eggs too, to rear them in another tank
> without dithers.
> Does anybody around the AML have any experience or opinion with this
> tactical spawnfare ?

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