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Re: Fishwall

Hello Francine
I like the overall first draft idea.  I don't think the 
4x4's are over kill.   The 9 foot length might warp in the middle over
time from the weight with just 2x4 but the 4x4 will keep the strength.
Notching and running carriage bolts through it is also a good idea.   I
just moved and rebuilt some stands just out of 2x4's but my length was
only 7 foot long.   I made the stand to hold 24 ten gallon tanks.
Three rows high.   I used 3" screws instead of nails and I did drill
holes and used 3.5" carriage bolts as extra support/strength for my up
right legs.   I have another stand that I had built around 5 years ago
that holds 10 10 gallon tanks 2 rows high and built it the same way and
haven't had a problem with it to date.   1/4" plywood sounds nice too.
You reallly don't need anything bigger seeing as how your edges are
match up to tank size.   If you are using the plywood as extra strength,
that's over kill.   If its to keep the fish from seeing through the
bottom of the tank, just paint your tank bottoms brown before setting
back up.   I just put thick brown cardboard under my tanks so the fish
couldn't look down to the tank below.   Anyways good luck, just make
sure your cuts are nice and square, this will help keep the thing from
twisting while you are putting it together.   


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