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Re: Question about Cacatuoides

Steve Hung (Volt Computer) (Exchange) wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>         I have a 20 Gal tank with a pair of Apisto. Cacatuoides and a pair
> of sliver hatches.  I am thinking about adding another pair of Apisto.
> Cacatuoides "RED" to the tank.  Will it work?  Are they going to fight?  Are
> they going to cross breeding?
> Thanks!!
> Steve Hung
Hi Steve,
I suspect the dominant male will both spawn with both females, and kill
the other male. They will fight, and in the confines of a 20, somebody
will get killed. There will be nowhere for the weaker male to escape to.
In a worst case scenario, both will be injured in the fight, and both
will die...
All selected forms of cacatuoides will interbreed.

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