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Re: D.maculatus

I agree with you, Mike.  I don't think the fish change sex, but I think some males
(in crowded conditions) defer the more noticable male marking when there are
dominant males present.  Thus pulling a dominant male seems to give these "hidden"
males the "incentive" to fill out their male appearance.  And I'm not even saying
that the "hidden" males are indistinguishable from the females, just that they look
more like the females than they look like the dominant males.

There was a time that I had 9 wild-caught females and lost my only male.  Noine of
the females developed into males.  I had to buy more maculatus before I got a male.


Mike & Diane Wise wrote:

> Erick,
> I have never heard of it in D. maculatus, only Crenicara puctulatum. Even C.
> latruncularium, a closely related species, has no reports of sex changes that I
> know of.
> Mike Wise
> "Jones, Erick" wrote:
> > I've heard that D. Maculatus is one of the few freshwater species that can
> > actually change sex dependent on presence of males.
> >

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