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RE: Sex Change D.maculatus

I'm very new to Apistogramma
Can anyone please tell me if A.borelli and A. viejita look very similar (the
females) ?
How do I identify a female A.borelli?

They are different as they are not too closely related.  A.borellii are
distinctive in terms of the lateral line which is more visible towards the
tail end of the fish and mades out towards the head.  A.viejita females have
a lateral line that breaks into a series of blobs when in breeding colours.
Borellii have a chunkier appearance and in the ones I've had, the females
are small and spawn at a very small size.

Borellii are very attractive and an ideal beginners Apisto in my experience.

Have a look at:

Hope this helps,
Ken - Scotland.

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