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I would like to hear from the folks out there that are
keeping A.elizabethae. I have a number of succesfull
spawns under my belt and have been observing their
parental behavior with keen intent. I have heard it
said that they may be an evolutionary link to
Taeniacara candidi. So I was curious to note any
similarities I might find in their brooding behavior.
It seems T.candidi females "seemingly" use their eyes
as an axis and see saw up and down to "herd" their
young. I did not observe anything like this "see saw"
action with any of my A.elizabethae females. I did see
a keen twiching of the ventral and pectoral fins which
served as their "herding" signal. Anyway just thought
it would be something interesting for us to discuss.
After the scorcher of a summer we had down in Florida
I am finally back breeding some fish again and I
remember why I am so enamored with these little guys!

David Sanchez
Orlando, FL
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