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Re: died and gone to heaven

Hello Gary 
I thought more along of the lines of stepped in a pile of ...  and came
out smelling like a rose.    I would take Don's advice, get more tanks.
If you can't do that because your wife will kill you, I would go with
the Elizabethae and the Diplotaenia.   They're nice fish and not very
commonly kept.   The challenge would be worth getting them.   Just
keeping them would make me happy enough.    

One question here about your list.   Isn't Uaupesi and sp Rotkeil the
same fish??   At least from some reading I've done I thought they were,
could be wrong.  This would be my 3rd choice if possible from your list.   

Anyways good luck with them.   It'll be nice to talk about them at one
of the MAS meetings.   


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