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Re: died and gone to heaven

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On 12/3/99 at 7:14 PM Frauley/Elson wrote:

>Okay gang, I feel like I've died and gone to heaven, only to discover
>they have no credit cards or R.O. water there...
>One of my good friends has just returned from a fishing trip in Brazil.
>He's importing the apistos he caught quite soon, and offered me a crack
>at them. I have limited space and funds, not to mention limited
>knowledge of many of the species in question. I have room for two, so
>let's hear what you guys would pick, and if you're feeling very helpful,
>This is what the man caught:
>Tefe agas
>sp rotkeil
>sp miua
>It doesn't rain, it pours. So what and why?

Space and funds are  relative, get as many as you think you can keep
If you don't you'll regret it later......
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