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Red/green tetras/2 spot altis- was:: tetras as general dither fish

I just called an importer who says they're coming in as 'ecuadoriensis',
but he didn't have the genus name at hand. They are also sold as Darien
It's a pretty fish - I've seen some fair sized ones that have come in
wild. They're supposed to be easy to breed, but I haven't kept them
Altispinosa are pretty easy to get along with, and I keep my related '2
spot' version with a rummy-nose tetra species and a few cardinals. They
don't bother smaller tetras. Just watch the larger tetras don't bother
your female, and that should work out. Your conditions sound good,
especially since you have a fairly light population.

My Microgeophagus '2-spot' have spawned for the 5th time, and are
guarding. Still no hatch. I haven't been able to determine whether they
eggs aren't fertilized or the water has been wrong. They are more timid
than altispinosa, but keeping some D. maculatus in with them seems to
provide a better dither effect then characins alone do. They seem to
respond to a territorial threat as well as a predation threat, and are
guarding better this time. This time I'm trying 30ppm, pH 6 water. We'll

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