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Tetras as dithers

> Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1999 21:20:35 -0600
> From: "K & D Martin" <martndk@ibm.net>
> Subject: Re: green fire tetras
> i have never seen green fire tetras.   is there a pic online or in one of
> the bensch books?  I have vol. I.
> they sound nice.  I have diamond and lemon tetras in my apisto tank.


I read that many of you seem to mix tetras as dithers with dwarfs
cichlids. I've a few question about theses dithers because in my very
planted 35 gal, i lost the last hatch of my Pv taeniatus pair because of
my 13 cardinalis tetras which, one after one, got all the brand new free
swimmers in 3 days.

Do you keep these dithers when the fry is already swimming or do you net
them elsewhere ?
How many tetra dithers of the same specie do you keep ?
Do you use live swimming food for these fishes ?

I found my cardinalis being deadly fry eaters when schooling. Maybe they
won't be able to do so if they are 4 or 5.
BTW, they did not get the first hatch, but since  i used to feed live
brine shrimps to my fishes.
they seem to have learn to raid the taeniatus fry. Were the live BS a
possible trial ?

Thanks for your ideas, opinions and experiences.

Colin Dujardin

still seeking for the near to ideal dither fish.  

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