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Re: Spawning activity

Tom, milt gets around, especially in a closed system like an aquarium with some water movement.  I wonder how long the "boys" are viable...
Tom wrote:
I have had some interesting spawnings in my tanks recently.  Since like so many others, I have run out of tanks to move my fish into, I separated my male A. guttata and A. hoignei males from the females and their fry by placing a partition in their tanks.  After several weeks, the female guttata chased the fry through the screen of the partition into the male's side.  She then spawned and the eggs hatched a couple of days later.  The interesting part was that the male was separated by about 8 inches from the spawning site.  The  hoignei did the same thing.  I wonder how far the male and female can be separated and still get fertile egss?