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Re: leaf litter wonders

It was a friend of mine who collected the beech leaves for me and they were
dead, still on the tree.  I didn't boil them but put them in a bucket of
water for about a week until they sank.  I would have boiled them had the
leaves been on the ground.  The Candidi tank I could get a pH 5.5 but wished
it down to pH 4.5.  I added the leaves and over the coming days the pH
dropped gradually to 4.8.  The leaves did not rot but as you will be aware
you have to ensure you remove any uneaten food which can go unoticed within
the leaves.  I had no problems at all using beech leaves as the Candidi bred
very well and the fry thrived in this environment.  I also had at one time
two pairs of Crenicichla regani set up in the same manner and they also
loved hiding within the leaves.
My A.atahualpa and pucculapaensis you so kindly sent me via Billy have not
had success as yet although one of the female pucculapaensis  constantly
colours up and guards whiteworms when they are supposed to eat them!!!
Take care,
> I have wanted to try this Helen! Do the leaves rot? do
> you boil them or anything or just plop them right in?
> I once thought of dipping them in some kind of resin
> to keep them from rotting in the tank. I'd like to try
> this I guess I 've been a bit overly concerned
> regarding how they might effect the water quality. BTW
> how are the A.atahualpa and the pucculapaensis? any
> luck yet?
> David Sanchez
> Orlando, FL
> http://www.mindspring.com/~barbax
> barbax@mindspring.com

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