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Re: leaf litter wonders

David Sanchez wrote:
> I have wanted to try this Helen! Do the leaves rot? do
> you boil them or anything or just plop them right in?
> I once thought of dipping them in some kind of resin
> to keep them from rotting in the tank. I'd like to try
> this I guess I 've been a bit overly concerned
> regarding how they might effect the water quality. BTW
> how are the A.atahualpa and the pucculapaensis? any
> luck yet?

I collect my oak leaves from the bottom of the pond where I get 
my caddis and mayfly larvae.  The "tea" color is already soaked
 out of them after prolonged immersion, and of course they are 
"sunk" already.  I boil them for 10 minutes.  Boiling longer softens 
them too much.  Plecostomus munch them, but Apistos think they are 
caves and seem to appreciate them.  They last a long time, but
eventually fragment.

Dave Satchell

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