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Re: class room tank

My wife is a school teacher and she is in a similar
situation as the one you described. I have set up two
ten gallon aquariums for her that are very low
maintenance. The dwarf tank has a pair of A.borelli.
They spawn readily in ordinary tap water ie: pH 7.5,
DH 18. My wife feeds them on decapsalated brine shrimp
and she has a little group of fry! I must caution that
she does do weekly water changes and unless you will
be able to do regular maintenance on the tank you may
want to shy away from dwarfs. The other tank has a
school of cory cats and a shoal of Cardinal Tetra's
and is a really cool tank because of all the activity.
The cory/Cardinal tank requires less maintance as the
fish are a bit hardier so that may be your best bet.
Good luck on your project.

David Sanchez
Orlando, FL
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