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Re: Biotodoma Wavrini

I have kept Wavrini and Cupido in the past and of the two Cupido is the most
beautiful. Wavrini, although quite a nice fish is dull grey, I would
describe them as being a sick or stressed-out looking Cupido. If I can
remember mine were housed in rather large tanks (48inx24inx24in) with other
peaceful cichlids i.e. Satanoperca daemon, Ararichthys heckelii,
Microgeophagus altispinosa.  pH in the region of 6-7, temperature 79-81F.
If it's colour you wish I would wait until you can find Cupido.  I have no
experience with breeding details but I can remember males don't like other
males in the same tank, I had to separate them when they reached maturity.

> Today while out doing last minute shopping, I of course couldn't stay
> out of the pet shops.   While in one of the shops, they had a tank with
> about 20 or so juvenile Biotodoma Wavrini.   At first I thought they
> were Cupidos but something about the spot was wrong, so I looked them up
> when I got home and realized they were Wavrini.    I didn't pick any up
> for not knowing alot about them, but would like to go back and pick them
> up.   At least 6 - 8 of them.   At $4.99 I thought that was a good
> price.   What I didn't know was what these guys really looked like when
> adults.   I thought I remember that they are not as colorful as Cupido,
> which is what I really want.   Can anyone give me some info from
> personal experiences on these guys.   Like best tank size, feeding
> requirements, possible tank mates, color, breeding needs, rearing needs,
> you know the dirt on them.   Any info will be really appreciated.   I've
> never seen them before so I wanted to do the right thing and learn about
> them before buying them.   I'm also not worried about them being sold
> out, I'm the one who picks up the oddballs cichlid wise from this shop.
> Thanks
> John

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