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Biotodoma Wavrini

Hello All
Seasons greetings to all.   

Today while out doing last minute shopping, I of course couldn't stay
out of the pet shops.   While in one of the shops, they had a tank with
about 20 or so juvenile Biotodoma Wavrini.   At first I thought they
were Cupidos but something about the spot was wrong, so I looked them up
when I got home and realized they were Wavrini.    I didn't pick any up
for not knowing alot about them, but would like to go back and pick them
up.   At least 6 - 8 of them.   At $4.99 I thought that was a good
price.   What I didn't know was what these guys really looked like when
adults.   I thought I remember that they are not as colorful as Cupido,
which is what I really want.   Can anyone give me some info from
personal experiences on these guys.   Like best tank size, feeding
requirements, possible tank mates, color, breeding needs, rearing needs,
you know the dirt on them.   Any info will be really appreciated.   I've
never seen them before so I wanted to do the right thing and learn about
them before buying them.   I'm also not worried about them being sold
out, I'm the one who picks up the oddballs cichlid wise from this shop.


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