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Re: Pets Warehouse Suit: AGA Position

Hi David,

I don't think that there should be ANY problem with this.  I think that
individually, we are all sympathetic to this cause... I know I certainly am.
In fact, I was the one who brought it up to the Steering Committee.  But I
also understand and support the SC's decision not to become "officially"
involved in this.  We are not a political organization.

I think it's WONDERFUL to see how hobbyists are banding together and
supporting the individuals named in this suit.  I don't even think it has to
be "hidden" that you intend to donate the proceeds from those items to the
defense fund.  I think we just want people to be aware that this is
something you are doing as an individual, not something that is the AGA is
doing as an organization.


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> Erik,
> I see the logic behind the AGA position. Loh wants to send me a bunch of
> Christmas moss and riccia and that slender java fern to sell at the
> and donate the proceeds to the fund. I suppose it'd be okay to sell them
> under my name and then I can do whatever I want with the proceeds, if you
> know what I mean (wink-wink).

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