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Re: video

On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Robert H wrote:

> Well isnt the management right here..subscribing to this list? 

Some of the AGA management folks are participating here. Some are not. I
want to make sure the ones who are not participating get the appropriate
information passed on to them (not just about requests for videotapes of
the convention, this is for any issues in general; e-mail me personally,
or post it here).

> I dont understand what the "fear" is. Fear of what?

As mentioned by both Karen and myself in previous posts, there have been
concerns that if the AGA sells tapes, some people will choose not to
attend the convention in person (and instead just "wait for it to come out
on video").  There are also concerns about whether the speakers themselves
would allow tapes of their talks to be made (let alone sold).

> And wouldnt anybody be able to take home movies if they wanted to, or
> are no cameras allowed?

I'm not sure if home taping is allowed; I think it was OK last year for 
attendees to videotape (I always ask the speaker first and promise not
to let it out of my home).

This will be my last message on this subject; you guys can stop
all the unsubscribing!

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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