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Re: video and unsubscribing

Eric, et all.....

I apologize in advance if this clogs anyone's e-mail inbox......

> > I dont understand what the "fear" is. Fear of what?
> As mentioned by both Karen and myself in previous posts, there have been
> concerns that if the AGA sells tapes, some people will choose not to
> attend the convention in person (and instead just "wait for it to come out
> on video").  There are also concerns about whether the speakers themselves
> would allow tapes of their talks to be made (let alone sold).

As I've previously said, I can see where some speakers might object to their
presentations being taped - but I think that if in future all potential
speakers are informed of the possibility, that issue would become moot
(again, in future years).

As to the _real_ reason.......that some members of the Management Committee
fear that the availability of tapes might mean that some people might just
wait for the video rather than making the effort to go to the convention in
person......well, I take exception to that one.....

I am sure that _no_ video could every hope to compare to the expereince of
actually being in Chatanooga and meeting, speaking to, and getting to know
the other attendees on a personal basis. The little "asides" and chit chat
that will transpire over the course of the weekend will probably be of far
more interest and benefit to the attendees than most of the speeches and
lectures. I am really disappointed that my health, although better than it
was last winter, is still not "up" to the trip. I would truly love to be
there to meet many of the people I've corresponded with via e-mail over the

No video tape can ever hope to duplicate or substitute for the experience of
such an event. And I don't think that there should be any fear that the
existence of tapes of the lectures would dampen enthusiasm for being there
in person. I can also understand the cost issues involved - the AGA doesn't
want to spend a bundle on a party that no one bothers to show up for.

> This will be my last message on this subject; you guys can stop
> all the unsubscribing!

What does that mean? Are people unsubscribing from the AGA-members list
because there is some traffic on the list? I think that the mere existence
of this list is a very positive step for the AGA and I think that members
should take full advantage of it. Of course, that's only my opinion, and we
all know that I rarely state those....<g>.

One final thing - on the subject of the lack of an "official" AGA position
on the lawsuit. I am as appalled as everyone else that a vendor would stoop
to such tactics to silence honest discussion, but I fully support the AGA MC
in their decision to stay out of it, at least officially. The organization
has a long standing position of maintaining some distance from vendors - the
group neither endorses nor condemns any vendor, its products or services. It
is a position I can understand and can agree with. In this instance
especially, given the volatile nature of the individual who took the action,
I would hate to see the AGA dragged into court and forced to spend any part
of its treasury defending itself against a school yard bully. It is quite
clear that this issue (the lawsuit and its continued existence) has come
down to one of ego, one very over inflated ego. The organization need not
stoop to that level.

Of course, the preceding was only MY OPINION, and does not necessarily
reflect the official position of the Network, nor does it necessarily
contain any statements of FACT.....yada, yada.....should anyone care to sue
me for my opinion......well, feel free to try..... (is _he_ subscribed to
this list too????)

James Purchase

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