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Re: Petswhse discussion

Wait a minute Robert.  I resent that.  First of all, I was DEFENDING your
right to post on this subject on this list.  Did you miss that?  And taking
pot shots at the decisions made by the Steering Committee while using the
AGA list to make your point, hardly seems fair.  Hmmm?

The second part of my post was to ask OTHER people (not you, as you didn't
do it)  not to post the same thing over and over unnecessarily.

> most of the defendants and the those most active supporters subscribe
> to this list, so I thought it would be more appropiate here than on APD.
> this proves not to be the case, my apologies.

Believe me, the APD has many, MANY more subscribers than this list.  Whether
it is appropriate to post on the APD would be up to Cynthia.  I'd ask her.

>I didnt know there was a word
> limit on posts here either... if you think its bad here, you wouldnt like
> the cryp mailing list much

I don't like any list much where people don't trim messages to what is
relevant to the conversation, though I often participate anyway.  In this
case, having agreed to moderate THIS list, I will try my best to make it
easy and pleasant for people to use.  That means requesting that people trim
the quotes of quotes of quotes.  Fair enough?


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