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Re: Petswhse discussion

Dave wrote:

> Karen, my "new" style is to add my 2 cents worth at the top of the post
> (like this one) retaining all the previous stuff below for reference (if I
> am responding to the whole post, not just to one comment in it).   Do you
> think that is a bad style, in that it can repeat part of the post that is
> irrelevant?  BTW, I tend to use the new style more in things like contract
> negotiations where it is important to know how you got to a particular

I do this too in personal correspondence.  It's probably not even a problem
on a list like this as long as the ONLY thing left is the last person's
post.  Unfortunately, what happens it that people don't cut the posts of ANY
of the previous posters, so the messages get longer and longer.  When we get
to the traffic level that we go to a digest form it will be miserable to
have to scroll through all that stuff.


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