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Re: Petswhse discussion

Robert H wrote:

> Although the official position of the AGA is to close their eyes and play
> dumb, most of the defendants and the those most active supporters subscribe
> to this list, so I thought it would be more appropiate here than on APD. If
> this proves not to be the case, my apologies. I didnt know there was a word
> limit on posts here either... if you think its bad here, you wouldnt like
> the cryp mailing list much

So we have very strong opinions as to what we think the AGA should have done/be
doing wrt Pets Warehouse.  I, for one, don't agree that its necessary to take
pot shots at the SC because we disagree; it isn't helping the situation, and
when it gets personal no one wants to listen.

If you want to argue that the SC should reevaluate its position, then make your
case.  If, after doing your best, and the SC still disagrees, then you have two
choices: accept the SC's decision, or run for a seat on the SC.  Just because
you have a very strong view of something doesn't mean that anyone who disagrees
with you is wrong (if two people have strong but opposing views on something,
does that mean that BOTH are wrong? :-) )

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