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Re: AGA Convention: Video Projector, anyone?

On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 12:25:42AM -0800, Bruce wrote:
> This has to be the most silly and useless mailing group I have ever seen in
> my 50 years of life, does a woman run it?


Boy you really know how to make an impression, don't you Bruce. Thanks
for the endoresment for the list - if neanderthals find this list
useless, than it must be an OK place to be.

I suggest quietly disappearing and going back to reading your
misogynists_are_us mail group if you don't like this one.  

And while you're over there, could you ask them if anyone has a video
projector we can use in Chattanooga in a couple of weeks? Thanks.

Dan Resler                            email: dresler@vcu.edu
Computer Science Dept.
Virginia Commonwealth University           
Richmond, VA 23284-3068 USA
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